Existing Installations

The following are applications our customers have found for Magnatronic:

International Hydraulics Company
Remove particulates from hydraulic lines in over 100 Installations
Particulate removal from evaporators

Nationwide Trucking Company
Fleet Maintenance
Reduce Oil Changes by 2 to 4x annually

Oklahoma Pipeliner
Improve Compressor Efficiency

Indiana Food Processor
Remove Impurities from Food Processing Equipment

East Texas Motorcycle Manufacturer
Oil Filtration

Belizean Trawling Vessels
Improve performance, longevity and reduce fuel and maintenance costs in engine and winching systems

Texas Commercial Printer
Reduce impurities in hydraulic and inking systems

West Texas Oil Drilling Company
Increase efficiency of drilling equipment

Louisiana Machine Shop
Reduce replacement of cleaning solution in gear washing process

Colorado Machine Shop
Reduce shaft abrasion in CNC Grinding machine

New Mexico Hospital
Protect diesel engine in backup power system

East Texas Oil Drilling 
Reduce downtimme on suction-side drilling machinery

New York Power Station
Reduce downtime for lubrication and generating units in coal plant

Miami Beach Marina
Reduce diesel engine downtime and prolong oil changes in yachts

Nevada HVAC Company
Reduce inpurities in lubrication system

North Carolina Auto Racing Team
Extend the life and performance of race cars

Tennessee Moto-Cross Racing Team
Improve performance of motorcycles

Arkansas Fuel Recycling Plant
Cleaning rust from recycled fuels

Dallas Ready-Mix Concrete Plant
Reducing transmission and engine failure in plant and delivery fleet

Alabama Paper Mill
Reduce bearing failure in large transmissions

British Columbia Logging Operation
Improve efficiency and minimize breakdowns in machinery

Ohio Landscaping Company
Improve performance of heavy machinery while extending equipment life