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Nothing works like Magnatronic!

Magnatronic uses a revolutionary way of removing particulates from liquids!

Instead of bypassing or replacing the existing filter, Magnatronic works in harmony with the existing filter to insure superior particulate filtration!

Magnatronic uses neodymium magnets, 600 times more powerful than a standard magnet. When attached to the existing filter, Magnatronic transforms the entire filter into a powerhouse capable of removing all sizes of particulates.

Here’s how Magnatronic works:
– Liquid enters and circulates through the filter
Larger particulates (ranges from 22-30 microns or larger) are trapped inside the filter
– The smaller, damaging particulates not trapped in the existing filter BUT are held against the inside of the filter housing, unable to circulate
– Particulates trapped against the inside filter housing are disposed of through routine replacement of the filter  – PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

Oil Filter Diagram with Magnatronic Attached

Features of Magnatronic:

  • “Bracket-Less” Design Allows Instant Installation
  • “Link” Design Makes It Easy to Modify Magnatronic to Any Size Filter Housing
  • Removes Both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Particles Down to Sub-Micron Sizes
  • Two Sizes Ready For Immediate Use- 2″x 7.5″ (Standard) or 4″ x 7.5″ (Magnum)
    NOTE: Magnatronic does NOT have to surround the filter because the neodymium magnets magnetize the entire filter housing (NOTE: We recommend MAGNATRONIC surrounds approx. one-half of the filter housing.) 
  • Particulates Trapped Against The Filter Housing Will NOT Wash Off
  • Over 600 x more powerful than standard magnets
  • Unique Filtration Method Prevents Cavitation or Starvation
two different sizes of magnatronic magnets




STANDARD – 2″ x 7.5″ $24.95 ea. 

MAGNUM – 4″ x 7.5″ $44.95 ea. 

You can even expand Your Magnatronic or Make Your Own Filter With These Links!



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A Revolutionary Way to Filter Liquids

Don’t replace the filter. Let all that “gunk” bypass the filter! That’s the word from John Mauldin, owner of the patented Magnatronic solution to filtering liquids.

Here is what makes his device so unique: Magnatronic allows the suspended particulates to bypass the filter yet insure that both ferrous and non-ferrous particulates are removed.

How does his device accomplish this feat? Simple!

Magnatronic is a device consisting of magnets that are 600 times more powerful than a typical magnet. When attached to a filter housing, as liquids not filtered pass along the inside walls of the filter, the particulates are drawn to the filter wall where they become attached until the filter is replaced.

Mauldin assures us that the particulates will NOT wash off the filter housing because of the strength of the magnets. This is really good news for trucks and cars where small particulates do the most damage to engines but filtering sub-micron particulates is an impossibility as it would cause starvation and cavitation.

“The number of applications for Magnatronic are mind-boggling”, according to Mauldin. “Everything from cars and trucks to ships, tractors, heavy machinery….. the list is endless!”

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